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Papers concerning T/J boundary by J.Palfy & al.
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As a usual fresh publications by Josef Palfy became available through his personal web-page.
These new papers are:

Ruckwied, K., Götz, A., Pálfy, J. And Török, Á. (2008) Palynology of a terrestrial coal-bearing series across the Triassic/Jurassic boundary (Mecsek Mts., Hungary) // Central European Geology. 51(1): 1-15.
pdf: http://www.nhmus.hu/~palfy/Ruckwied_etal_2008_CEuGeol.pdf
Palynology and palynofacies patterns of terrestrial Triassic/Jurassic boundary series of the South Hungarian Mecsek Mountains were studied in search of paleoenvironmental and vegetation changes and climatic signatures related to one of the major mass extinction events in Earth's history. Two selected and studied boreholes comprise continuous boundary sections and yield a diverse Late Rhaetian to Hettangian palynomorph assemblage. The most striking feature within the boundary interval is the series of cyclic short-term paleoenvironmental changes from fluvial/deltaic to swamp settings, as inferred from changes in palynomorph associations. However, increasing humidity is
documented by a striking increase in trilete spores. These signatures display the response of terrestrial vegetation to regional and global environmental changes, although we found no clear evidence for a mass extinction as documented in the microflora.

Pálfy, J. (2008) The Triassic–Jurassic boundary // In: Pienkowski, G., Schudack, M. E. (Co-Ordinators), Bosák, P., Enay, R., Feldman-Olszewska, A., Golonka, J., Gutowski, J., Herngreen, G. F. W., Jordan, P., Krobicki, M., Lathuiliere, B., Leinfelder, R. R., Michalik, J., Mönnig, E., Noe-Nygaard, N., Pálfy, J., Pint, A., Rasser, M. W., Reisdorf, A. G., Schmid, D. U., Schweigert, G., Surlyk, F., Wetzel, A. & Wong, T. E.: Jurassic. In: McCann, T. (ed.): The Geology of Central Europe. Volume 2: Mesozoic and Cenozoic. Geological Society of London. 826-827.
pdf: http://www.nhmus.hu/~palfy/Palfy_2008_TJ_CE.pdf

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Jurassic Forum » JURASSIC references & paper reviews » Jurassic around the world » Papers concerning T/J boundary by J.Palfy & al.
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