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Special Jurassic Issue of "Science in China, Ser. D"!
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Special Jurassic Issue of "Science in China. Series D (Earth Sciences)" journal now is available for free through the web-site of Science in China press!

Special issue: Jurassic of China and Environs:Stratigraphy,Basin History, and Paleoenvironment

1. Sha J. Preface —Jurassic of China and Environs: Stratigraphy, Basin History, and Paleoenvironment, pp.1871-1872.
2. Sha J., Wang J., Kirillova G., Pan Y., Cai H, Wang. Upper Jurassic and lower cretaceous of Sanjiang-Middle Amur basin: Non-marine and marine correlation, pp. 1873-1889.
3. Rogov M., Zakharov V. Ammonite- and bivalve-based biostratigraphy and Panboreal correlation of the Volgian Stage, pp.1890-1923 (for details see )
4. Ishida K., Tsujino Y., Kozai T., Sato T., Hirsch F. Direct correlation of radiolarian Kilinora spiralis Zone with the Late Jurassic ammonite faunal succession in the Kurisaka Formation, Kurosegawa Terrane, SW Japan, pp. 1910-1923.
5. Pandey D.K., Fürsich F.T., Sha J. Interbasinal marker intervals - A case study from the Jurassic basins of Kachchh and Jaisalmer, western India, pp. 1924-1931
6. Vijaya B. Palynofloral changes in the Upper Paleozoic and Mesozoic of the Deocha-Pachami area, Birbhum Coal-field, West Bengal, India, pp. 1932-1952
7. Wang B., Szwedo J., Zhang H. Jurassic Progonocimicidae (Hemiptera) from China and phylogenetic evolution of Coleorrhyncha, pp. 1953-1961
8. Li G., Hirano H., Kozai T., Sakai T., Pan Y. Middle Jurassic spinicaudatan Shizhuestheria from the Sichuan Basin and its ontogenetic implication, pp. 1962-1968
9. Shu L., Wang Y., Sha J., Jiang S.Y., Yu J., Wang Y. Jurassic sedimentary features and tectonic settings of southeastern China, pp. 1969-1978.
10. Utkin V.P. A synsedimentary structure formation model for the Far East Jurassic-Early Cretaceous basins and uplifts, Russia, pp.1979-1992
11. Yin J., Fürsich F.T., Dispersal events of Triassic-Jurassic boundary faunas, and paleoenvironment of Tibetan Himalaya, pp. 1993-2000
12. Meesook A., Sha J., Yamee C., Saengsrichan W. Faunal associations, paleoecology and paleoenvironment of marine Jurassic rocks in the Mae Sot, Phop Phra, and Umphang areas, western Thailand, pp. 2001-2023
13. Mitta V., Sha J. Late Jurassic ammonite evolution and paleoenvironment of the Russian Platform, pp. 2024-2028.
14. Yan D., Sun B., Xie S., Li X., Wen W. Response to paleoatmospheric CO2 concentration of Solenites vimineus (Phillips) Harris (Ginkgophyta) from the Middle Jurassic of the Yaojie Basin, Gansu Province, China, pp.2029-2039.
15. Xie S., Sun B., Yan D., Du B. Altitudinal variation in Ginkgo leaf characters: Clues to paleoelevation reconstruction, pp.2040-2046

Middle Jurassic - Lower Cretaceous ammonites & aptychi
Jurassic Forum » JURASSIC references & paper reviews » Jurassic around the world » Special Jurassic Issue of "Science in China, Ser. D"! (Jurassic of China and Environs)
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