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JURASSIC references & paper reviews
Jurassic of Russia and former USSR
Abstracts and reviews of newly published papers on the Jurassic of Russia
151 6 Wednesday, 21.09.2016, 10:00
Thread: Rogov M.A. (2016)
Posted by: mhorn
Jurassic around the world (is being viewed by: 1)
Abstracts and reviews of newly published papers on the Jurassic anywhere in the world
697 26 Friday, 10.11.2017, 17:45
Thread: Kietzmann & Iglesia Llanos (...
Posted by: Kietzmann
Non-Jurassic references
Abstracts and reviews of interesting papers on any non-Jurassic subjects
40 0 Monday, 23.11.2015, 08:19
Thread: Sessa et al., 2015
Posted by: mhorn

All about e-books
Any technical questions considering digitizing and using electronic lierature; soft and device discussion, etc.
1 0 Wednesday, 08.09.2010, 00:08
Thread: Special software for scans &...
Posted by: mhorn
Books for download & Links exchange
29 89 Tuesday, 29.12.2015, 21:28
Thread: e-Books by order
Posted by: Erik

Finds and Identifications
Finds discussion
Discussion and identification of any fossil samples
2 0 Sunday, 23.08.2009, 11:16
Thread: Oxfordian belemnite identifi...
Posted by: bhawanigd

GSSP and Working Group discussions
Berriassian WG & J/K boundary discussions
Where is top of the Jurassic System? Which events permits to recognize it through different realms and facies?
3 0 Sunday, 15.02.2009, 15:05
Thread: Key events around the J/K bo...
Posted by: mhorn
Callovian WG
and traceability of the base of keppleri horizon
2 1 Monday, 12.10.2015, 19:58
Thread: Macrocephalites chart
Posted by: mhorn

Hyperlinks & information
Useful hyperlinks
Sharing web-links and discussion of different Web-resources
38 1 Tuesday, 10.06.2014, 12:59
Posted by: mhorn
... here you can find general information on the forthcoming events (Meetings, Symposiums, Conferences etc.) all over the world and Share your own information on them
12 0 Friday, 01.05.2015, 12:14
Thread: International meeting on the...
Posted by: mhorn

Impressions and Creativity
A place to share impressions on any Past Events, Expeditions or Academic trips
1 0 Tuesday, 27.10.2009, 12:50
Thread: Jurassic-Cretaceous boundary...
Posted by: mhorn
Travelling and field works often bear lots of tales, legends or awakens our hidden poetry talents :). Fairly, paleontology probably is the most cheerful science in the world!
1 1 Monday, 20.09.2010, 11:27
Thread: Paleontologists' life
Posted by: mhorn

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