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Jurassic Forum » JURASSIC references & paper reviews » Jurassic of Russia and former USSR » Jurassic System of Russia: 3rd meeting (pdf-version of proceedings is available online!)
Jurassic System of Russia: 3rd meeting
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3rd all-Russian meeting "Jurassic System of Russia: problems of stratigraphy and paleogeography" was held in Saratov in September 23-27.

Pdf-version of proceeding volume is available:

Zakharov V.A. (resp.ed.) (2009) Jurassic System of Russia: problems of stratigraphy and paleogeography. 3rd all-Russian meeting: scientific materials. Saratov: Nauka. 284 pp. [in Russian with English titles]



1. Zakharov V.A. Introduction
2. Alekseev V.P., Amon E.O. Intercontinental Jurassic clinoformes in Western Siberia: a reality or illusion?
3. Alifirov A.S. About position of West Siberian marine basin in the Volgian biochorems by ammonites
4. Amon E.O., Marinov V.A., Shurygin B.N. Middle Volgian radiolarian assemblage of Nordvik peninsula, North of the Middle Siberia
5. Anisimov L. Ultra-high wax oils of epihersynian Platforms of Russia: the role of Jurassic paleogeography
6. Beisel A.L. A comparative geostratigraphy of Western and Eastern Siberia, Turan Plate, and Northern Caucasus
7. Braduchan Yu.V., Komissarenko V.K., Shatova L.A Lower and Middle Jurassic of Yamal peninsula Vakulenko L.G. Characteristics of Lower Jurassic deposits in the central part of the Western-Siberian plate by results of deep-well drilling
8. Wierzbowski1 H., Rogov M.A. Oxygen and carbon isotope records of belemnite rostra from the Middle-Upper Jurassic boundary at Dubki (Saratov Volga area, Russia): preliminary results
9. Vetoshkina O.S., Lyurov S.V. Isotope composition of carbon and oxygen from Oxfordian fossils and rock samples of Pechorskaya Pizhma river
10. Vishnevskaya V.S. Possible biomarkers of abiotic events in Paleo-Arctic in the Late Jurassic (based on Radiolaria)
11. Vishnevskaya V.S., Filatova N.I. Jurassic cold- and warm-water Radiolaria, Buchias and ammonites in tectonostratigraphic sequences of Semiglawaya Mountain (62. N)
12. Vuks V.Ja. Problems of the stratigraphy of the Upper Jurassic of Caucasus
13. Goldyrev V.V., Bryukhov V.N. Gold mineralization of Middle Jurassic deposits of the Verhnekamsky depression
14. Goncharenko O.P., Astarkin S.V., Manikin A.G., Ahlestina E.F. Terrigenous-mineral associations of the Upper Jurassic-Lower Cretaceous border beds of south-east part of Russian plate
15. Goryacheva A.A. Palynostratigraphy of lower and middle Jurassic deposits in section of the Well Vostok-4 (south-east of West Siberia)
16. Grinenko V.S., Knyazev V.G., Devjatov V.P., Shurygin B.N., Nikitenko B.L. Paleogeography of the East Siberian sedimentary basin at the end of Late Triassic and Jurassic
17. Dzyuba O.S. Taxonomic composition of belemnites in the Jurassic/Cretaceous boundary beds of Subpolar Ural
18. Dorotyak Yu.B. Peculiarities of changes of the foraminiferal assemblages at the Jurassic/Cretaceous boundary of the Mountain Crimea (river Tonas basin)
19. Efimov V.M. On the Ichthyosaurian Genus Jasykovia
20. Efimov D.V. The Ichthyosaurian genus Ophthalmosaurus from Russia
21. Zhabin A.V. New treatment of flysh genesis (on example of Lower Jurassic deposits of Belaya river valley (Adygeya)
22. Zakharov V.A. The progress in Jurassic research: Russia and worldwide
23. Zakharov V.A., Shurygin B.N. Eastern Arctic during Jurassic: estimation of paleogeographic and paleoclimatic reconstructions by methods of paleobiogeography
24. Zvonarev A.E., Pilugin S.M., Zhabin А.V. Beresites like metasomatic rocks of Eskiorda Group basin of the Bodrak river valley (Mountain Crimea)
25. Kazanenkov V.A., Ryzhkova S.V. Substantiation of identification in the Lower Jurassic by non-paleontological methods in the central and southern regions of West Siberia
26. Karimova L.A. Foraminifera assemblages of the Middle-Upper Callovian deposits (the Sloboda horizon) of the Pripyat centrocline
27. Karogodin Yu.N. The essence and importance of system-stratigraphic paradigm by the example of the Upper Jurassic open-cast of Western Siberia
28. Karogodin Yu.N. Major refinements and additions to the scheme Jurassic of Western Siberia (from the standpoint of system-litmological approach)
29. Karogodin Yu.N., Klimov S.V., Khramov M.F. Regional system-strata of the Callovian-Upper Jurassic section of Western Siberia (system-lithmologic approach)
30. Kasumzadeh A.A. Jurassic Pectinoida (Bivalvia) of the Lesser Caucasus: space-times distribution aspects
31. Katkova V. I., Lyurov S.V. Structural organization of pyrite in a fragment of the limb of plesiosaur
32. Kiselev D.N. To the question about possibility for foundation of Cadoceras elatmae zone in the Callovian of Northern Siberia
33. Kislukhin V.I., Kislukhin I.V., Brekhuntsova E.A. Stratigraphy of the Upper Jurassic in northeast parts of Western Siberia
34. Klimov S.V., Khramov M.F. System-litmostratigraphical correlation of Callovian-Upper Jurassic deposits of north-east of Western Siberia
35. Knyazev V.G., Kutygin R.V., Meledina S.V. Northern Siberia’s Lower Callovian zonation
36. Kontorovich A.E., Dzyuba O.S., Kostyreva E.A., Melenevskiy V.N. Geochemistry of biomarker hydrocarbons of Middle Volgian deposits of the Uljanovsk Volga area in connection with the environments of organic matter accumulation
37. Krapiventseva V.V., Kirillova G.L., Pugacheva N.G. Jurassic megasequence of the eastern flank of the Bureya sedimentary basin: sedimentary systems, cyclicity, paleogeography
38. Kudamanov A.I., Skachek K.G. Some peculiarities of the Vasyugan formation in the central part of the West Siberian plate
39. Kurazhkovskii A.Yu., Kurazhkovskaya N.A., Klain B.I. Relation of inversion frequency behaviour of a geomagnetic field with activation of basalt magmatism in the Jurassic period
40. Lavrenko N.S., Valyaeva O.V. Application of biomarkers for the subdivision of Mesozoic oil shale member (based on the example of the section of the river Ayuva, Pechora River basin)
41. Lunev B.S., Naumov V.A., Goldyrev V.V., Bryukhov V.N. Fine valuable minerals in Middle Jurassic deposits of the Verhnekamsky depression
42. Lutikov O.A. Biostratigraphy of Rathian and Sinemiurian deposits of Nordvik region (northern Siberia) by Bivalvia
43. Lutikov O.A., Sobolev E.S., Sobolev N.N. Stratigraphy of Upper Triassic and Lower Jurassic boundary deposits of Nordvik Region (northern Siberia)
44. Lutikov O.A., Temkin I.E., Shurygin B.N. The evolution of ontogenesis and a phylogeny of some members of family Oxytomidae Ichikawa, 1958 (Mollusca: Bivalvia)
45. Maleonkina S.Yu. Jurassic stromatolites of the East-Europian Platform: new discoveries, morphology and environment
46. Maleonkina S.Yu., Shkolin A.A. New data on the Callovian and Oxfordian deposits in Moscow
47. Mantsurova V.N., Zdobnova E.N., Bublikova L.V. Stratigraphy of Jurassic deposits in the North Caspian Sea
48. Masaitis V.L., Naumov M.V., Maschac M.S., Slastenov J. L. New data on Jurassic stratigraphy of Kavernino depression
49. Matveev A.V. Calcareous nannoplankton of oxfordian of Ioda river section (Jaroslavl region)
50. Makhnach V.V. Jurassic ammonites in collection of the museum of Earth science of the Belarussian State University
51. Mitta V.V., Seltzer V.B. The Bajocian-Bathonian boundary beds near Saratov: new data
52. Muher A.G., Myasnikova G.P., Devyatov V.P. Jurassic typical sections as a base of stratigraphy, regional correlation and bed indexation of West Siberia Basin
53. Myasnikova G.P., Muher A.G., Devyatov V.P. Paleogeography and dynamics of West Siberian Jurassic sedimentation
54. Nelikhov A.E. Folk Legends about Belemnite rostra
55. Nikulshina N. L. Study of the organic matter into reflected and ultraviolet lights (Jurassic deposits, Uvat region)
56. Pimenov M.V., Guzhikov A.Yu., Rogov M.A. Magnetostratigraphic characteristics of Jurassic sections of the Russian Plate – GSSP candidates for Callovian, Oxfordian and Tithonian
57. Pismennaya N.S., Pismenny A.N., Enna N.L. Jurassic of the Greater Caucasus: problems of stratigraphy and geodynamics
58. Polubotko I.V., Repin Yu.S. The Triassic/Jurassic boundary in northeast Asia
59. Popov A.Y., Kazanenkov V.A. Sedimentary model of Bathonian deposits of north-east part of Shirotnoe Priobye
60. Pronin А.P. New data on Jurassic deposits in the North-West Peri-Aral region
61. Pystуlnikova V.V., Ivanova N.A. Granulometric and mineralogical data for paleodynamic reconstructions and microfacies mapping of the Upper-Jurassic deposits, Tomsk region
62. Repin Yu.S. The ammonite scale of the Upper Pliensbachian of North - East Asia
63. Repin Yu.S., Polubotko I.V. The Pliensbachian / Toarcian boundary in the North - East Asia
64. Rovnina L.V., Mogucheva N.K., Smokotina J.V. About geological age of the Togur formation of Western Siberia
65. Rogov M.A., Guzhikov A.Yu. New data on bio- and magnetostratigraphy of the Upper Volgian Substage and Jurassic-Cretaceous boundary of Spitsbergen
66. Rogov M.A., Gulyaev D.B., Kiselev D.N. Principles of establishing and tracing of infrazonal units (on example of the Jurassic System)
67. Rogov M.A., Ippolitov A.P. JURASSIC.RU 2005-2009: History, present state and further prospects
68. Ruban D.A. Sequence stratigraphic interpretation of the Mezmajskaja Formation (Upper Jurassic, Greater Caucasus)
69. Ryzhkova S.V. Analysis of types of the Vasyugan horizon sections in the Ob-Irtysh interfluve (West Siberia)
70. Savenko V.A. Paleogeomorphology of the north of Shaim oil-and-gas bearing region (West Siberia) during the Early-Middle Jurassic
71. Saltykov V.F. Stratigraphy and the stages of the geological development of the Volga area during the Middle Jurassic
72. Selkova L.A., Lyurov S.V., Burdelnaya N.S., Boushnev D.A. Microfossils and geochemistry of the Middle Volgian shale-bearing deposits at the Aiyuva River (tributary of the Izhma River, Pechora River basin)
73. Seltser V.B., Grishanov A.N., Molostovskii E.A. Paleofaunistic data and tentative results of the petropaleomagnetic study of the Bathonian-Callovian boundary beds from the vicinity of Saratov
74. Sinichenkova N.D. The Jurassic stoneflies of Asia
75. Sobolev E.S., Lutikov O.A., Basov V.A., Yadrenkin A.V., Sapjanik V.V., Sobolev N.N. Stratigraphy of Upper Triassic and Lower Jurassic boundary deposits of Eastern Taimyr (northern Siberia)
76. Solovjev A.N. Callovian echinoids of North Caucasus
77. Starodubtseva I.A., Mitta V.V. D.I. Ilovaisky's expedition to the Northern Urals (1902) and its results
78. Startseva G.N., Zorina S.O. Paleobathimetry estimating on a basis of benthonic foraminifera from The Middle – Upper Jurassic deposits of the Uljanovsk-Saratov Deflection (Tatarsko-Shatrashanskaja Borehole 1)
79. Stafeev A.N., Smirnova S.B., Kosorukov V.L., Sukhanova T.V., Gustchin A.I. Stratigraphy of Lower and Middle Jurassic of the Lozovsky zone of the Crimea Mountains according to palynological data and clay’s mineralogy
80. Suleymanova N.I., Seltser V.B. K.I. Zhuravlyov – organizer of paleontologic monitoring at the Savelyevskoye combustible shale field (Saratov Region)
81. Tesakova E.M., Guzhov A.V. The Middle Oxfordian – Lower Kimmerigian beds with ostracods from Mikhalenino section (Kostroma region) and their comparison with synchronous strata of the Western Europe
82. Trubicyna A.N. Upper Jurassic stratigraphy of the Tevlinsko-Russkinskoe field (Western Siberia) by palynology
83. Ustinova M. A. Foraminiferal ranges in the Oxfordian-Kimmeridgian deposits of the Michalenino section (Kostroma region)
84. Frolov A.O., Mashchuk I.M. Plant communities of the Prisayan age (Middle Jurassic) within the Irkutsk coal basin
85. Chernova L.S., Potlova M.M., Efremenkova V.V. Sedimentation models of Middle-Upper Jurassic complex of Surgut arch (West Siberia)
86. Shurekova O.V. Dynocysts biostratigraphy of the Middle Jurassic deposits of Kaymysovskaya oil-and-gas bearing region (West Siberia)
87. Shchepetova E.V. Palaeoclimatic reconstructions based on clay mineral data from Upper Jurassic of Russian Plate: aspects and limitations
88. Popov E.V., Sagaev D.I. New data on chondrychthyan fishes from the lower Bathonian of Sokur clay pit (Saratov)
89. Scherbakov E.S. Distribution of terrigenous-mineralogical associations in the Lower-Middle Jurassic deposits of Timan-Pechora sedimentary basin
90. Enna N.L. Lower-Middle Jurassic deposits of the Northern Caucasus – new data and basic problems
91. Yampolskaya O.B., Guzhikov A. Yu., Baraboshkin E.Yu., Bagaeva M.I. Magnetostratigraphic characteristic of Jurassic – Cretaceous boundary beds of East Crimea
92. Yan P.A. Sedimentary environments of Bathonian - Upper Jurassic deposits and the reasons of evolution of the Western-Siberian basin

Middle Jurassic - Lower Cretaceous ammonites & aptychi
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