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The Jurassic - Climate and Biodiversity
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Special Issue of GFF (Journal of the Geological Society of Sweden):
GFF. 2009. Vol.131. Iss.1 & 2. The Jurassic - Climate and Biodiversity.

1. Vajda V., Turner S. The Jurassic: In the forefront of science outreach. P.1 – 3.
2. Vajda V., Wigforss-Lange J. Onshore Jurassic of Scandinavia and related areas. P.5 – 23.
3. Zakharov Y.D., Sha J., Popov A.M., Safronov P.P., Shorochova S.A., Volynets E.B., Biakov A.S., Burago V.I., Zimina V.G., Konovalova I.V. Permian to earliest Cretaceous climatic oscillations in the eastern Asian continental margin (Sikhote-Alin area), as indicated by fossils and isotope data. P.25 – 47.
4. Turner S., Bean L.B., Dettmann M., McKellar J.L., McLoughlin M., Thulborn T. Australian Jurassic sedimentary and fossil successions: current work and future prospects for marine and non-marine correlation. P.49 – 70.
5. Boughdiri M., Sallouhi H., Haddad S., Cordey F., Soussi M. Integrated biostratigraphy and regional correlations of Upper Jurassic–lowermost Cretaceous series in northern Tunisia. P.71 – 81.
6. Saengsrichan W., Sha J., Meesook A., Hisada K.-I. Lithostratigraphy and petrography of marine Jurassic rocks in the Mae Sot area, Tak Province, western Thailand: Implications for depositional environment and tectonics. P.83 – 103.
7. Pole M. Vegetation and climate of the New Zealand Jurassic. P.105 – 111.
8. McLoughlin S., Pott C. The Jurassic flora of Western Australia. P. 113 – 136.
9. Mehlqvist K., Vajda V., Larsson L.M. A Jurassic (Pliensbachian) flora from Bornholm, Denmark – a study of a historic plant-fossil collection at Lund University, Sweden. P. 137 – 146.
10. Larsson L.M. Palynostratigraphy of the Triassic–Jurassic transition in southern Sweden. P.147 – 163.
11. Bergelin I. Jurassic volcanism in Skåne, southern Sweden, and its relation to coeval regional and global events. P.165 – 175.
12. Kamo S.L., Riccardi A.C. A new U–Pb zircon age for an ash layer at the Bathonian–Callovian boundary, Argentina. P.177 – 182.
13. Pan Y.-H., Sha J. Middle Jurassic unionids (non-marine Bivalvia) from the Shiwandashan Basin, southern China, with special emphasis on Cuneopsis Simpson. P.183 – 194.
14. Moliner L., Olóriz F. Updated biostratigraphy of Jurassic (lower Kimmeridgian) deposits containing the ammonite Ataxioceras from the eastern Iberian Range, northeastern Spain. P.195 – 203.
15. Moliner L., Olóriz F. Correlation potential of the Upper Jurassic (lower Kimmeridgian) Platynota Chronozone deposits in northeastern Spain. P.205 – 213

Middle Jurassic - Lower Cretaceous ammonites & aptychi
Jurassic Forum » JURASSIC references & paper reviews » Jurassic around the world » The Jurassic - Climate and Biodiversity (Special Issue of GFF - available for free)
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