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Cretaceous System of Russia and CIS countries
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Cretaceous System of Russia and CIS countries: problems of stratigraphy and palaeogeography (Materials of VI All-Russian Meeting held in Gelendzhik, 10-15 September 2012), E.Ju. Baraboshkin, N.A. Bondarenko. K.E. Baraboshkin (Eds.). Krasnodar: Krasnodar State University publ., 2012. 337 pp. [in Russian]


Table of contents:

Agarkov Y.V. Peculiarities of distribution of the Upper Cretaceous radiolarians in the Western Caucasus
Aleksandrova G.N. Benyamovskiy V.N., Vishnevskaya V.S., Kopaevich L.F. On the Middle Campanian and lower boundary of Maastrichtian in the East-European platform
Alekseev A.S., Benyamovskiy V.N., Ovechkina M.N., Vishnevskaya V.S.,. Podgaetskyi A.V,. Pronin V.G. Upper Campanian – Lower Maastrichtian of north-western Rostov region: lito- and biostratigraphy, campanian-maastrichtian boundary, sedimentation events and paleogeograhy
Arkadiev V.V. Correlational potential of ammonite Jacobi zone and Jurassic/Cretaceous boundary
Arkadiev V.V. Otto Ferdinandovich Retowski (1849–1925)
Afonin M.A.,. Bolotsky Yu.L. Fossil woods from the Astashikha and Dim dinosaur localities
(Zeya-Bureya basin, Russian Far East)
Bagaeva M.I., Guzhikov A.Y. Anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility (AMS) and features of formation of Lower Cretaceous rocks of the Mountain Crimea
Baraboshkin E.J. Upper Cretaceous ichnoassemblages of North-Western Caucasus
Baraboshkin E.J. Gorbenko E.S., Peschevickaya E.B., Perminov V.A. The new data on the Neocomian stratigraphy of the Eastern Crimea
Baraboshkin E.J. Zykin V.S., Lebedeva N.K., Parnachev S.V., Shurygin B.N., Benyamovskiy V.N., Marinov V.A., Smirnova T.N., Guzhikov A.Y., Solovjev A.V. To the problem of Upper Cretaceous of Gorny Altai
Berzon E.I., Smokotina I.V. On the establishing of the Kyan formation of south-eastern (Krasnojarsk) part of the West Siberian region
Bigun P.V. Lithology of reservoir rocks aptian and albian deposits of the Central and Eastern part of the Precaucasus as a reflection the conditions of their formation
Blagovetshenskiy I.V. Opisthobranch gastropods mollusks from the lower cretaceous deposits
of Ulyanovsk (Volga region) and their stratigraphic significance
Bogdanova T.N., Mikhailova I.A. Genus Epicheloniceras Casey, 1954: composition, evolution and distribution
Boiko N.I. Lithological-facial peculiarities and depositional environments of the Berriasian-Valanginian carbonate formation of the Northern Caucasus
Bondarenko N.A., Lyubimova T.V. Paleogeography of Maastrichtian basins of North-Western Caucasus and Pericaucasian area
Bragin V.Yu., Dzyuba O.S, Kazansky A.Yu, Shurygin B.N. Magnetostratigraphy of the Jurassic-Cretaceous boundary interval of Nordvik peninsula (north of Eastern Siberia) and biostratigraphic criteria of Boreal-Tethyan correlation
Bugdaeva E.V., Markevich V.S. The plant feedstock of the coals of Talyndzhan and Dublikan formations in Bureya basin
Bystrova V.V. About lithological-stratigraphical collections from the Cretaceous deposits of Russia stored at the Museum of oil geology and paleontology (VNIGRI)
Vishnevskaya V.S., Kopaevich L.F. Ovechkina M.A. Micropaleontological scales for the Upper Cretaceous of the East-European platform: forams, radiolarians, nannoplankton
Volynetz E.B., Kovaleva T.A. Cretaceous deposit and flora of the Muraviov-Amursky peninsula,
Vladivostok (South Primorye)
Gayduk V.V., Proshlyakov S.L., Shikhanov S.Е. Lithofacial analysis of the Cretaceous system for Russian part of the Black sea (Shatsky Ridge)
Herman A.B., Shchepetov S.V. Palaeoclimatic interpretation of the Late Cretaceous Arman flora (Northeastern Russia) and Turonian-Coniacian climate of North Asia
Gnibidenko Z.N., Lebedeva N.K. Palynological and paleomagnetic characteristic of Upper Cretaceous deposits on borehole 10 of Russko–Polyanski region (south of Western Siberia)
Golovneva L.B. Chaun flora of the Okhotsk-Chukotka volcanic belt
Grigoriev A.M., Polev V.A. Findings of ammonites in the basin of the Psekha river
Guzhikova A.A. Present state and outlook of development of «Cretaceous system of Russia» site (
Guzhikova A.A. Results of the paleomagnetic study of Berriasian-Valanginian boundary in section Parusa-Shchel’e (Izhma river)
Guzhikov A.Yu., Arkadiev V.V., Bagaeva M.I., Baraboshkin E.Yu., Manikin A.G., Perminov V.A.
Magnetostratigraphic scheme of Berriasian of Mountain Crimea
Dzyuba O.S. Taxonomic diversity dynamics of belemnites in the Central Russia and Siberia during the latest Jurassic and earliest Cretaceous
Ermatsans I.A., Bolotsky I.Y. Research history of Amur region’s Cretaceous deposits
Zakharov V.A., Rogov M.A. Stratigraphical precursors of the appraisal of hydrocarbon reserves
in the Lower Cretaceous deposits of Laptev sea
Zdobnova E.N. Features of distribution of spores family Gleicheniaceae in the Aptian sediments of the North Caspian
Zonova T.D. Heterochronical parallelism and the relationship of morphological characters in the Cretaceous inoceramids of the Russian Far East, Siberia and Central Asia
Igolnikov А.Е. The role of the genus Borealites for subdivision of the Boreal Berriasian of Siberia
Isaev G.D., Aukhatov Y.G. Facial analysis the Atchimovsky clinoform complex of Yamalo-Nenets region
Kalyakin E.A. Features of distribution of sea urchins in the Upper Cretaceous deposits of the Volga region
Karogodin Yu.N. Cretaceous in lithmo- and sequence stratigraphic models and its importance concerning oil and gas potential
Karogodin Yu.N., Khramov M.F. Messoyakha ridge - arctic “dam” of West Siberian basin and its significance in paleogeography and regularities of spatiotemporal distribution of gigantic oil and
gas-bearing zones (through the example of Cretaceous)
Karpuk M.S., Tesakova E.M. Lower Cretaceaus ostracod stratigraphy of the Crimea
Kopaevich L.F. Role of planktonic foraminifers in the stratigraphy of the Upper Cretaceous of Eastern-European platform
Koromyslova A.V. Campanian bryozoan (Cheilostomida) from Byelorussia (Grodno)
Kosenko I.N. The Late Jurassic and Early Cretaceous oysters (Bivalvia) from Siberia: morphology and taxonomic value of the morphological features
Kurazhkovskii A.Yu., Kurazhkovskaya N.A., Klain B.I. Changes of geomagnetic field intensity at the boundaries of geological ages
Lakova I., Petrova S. High-resolution calpionellid biostratigraphy of the Tithonian, Berriasian and Valanginian in the Balkan Mts, Bulgaria
Lebedeva N.K., Peschevickaya E.B., Goryacheva A.A. The main stages of dinoflagellate evolution in Siberia Mesozoic seas
Malenkina S.Y. New data on Cretaceous deposits of the south of Мoscow
Malinovsky A.I. Structure, composition and formation setting of Cretaceous deposits of West Sakhalin basin
Mantsurova V.N. Lower Cretaceous deposits in the western part of the Pre-Caspian depression
Marinov V.A., Sobolev E.S., Glinskikh L.A. Warm-water elements in the Upper Cretaceous faunal associations (Baculites, foraminifera, ostracoda) from south-east districts of the West Siberia
Marinov V.A.,.Zlobina O.N, Igolnikov A.E., Mogucheva N.K., Urman O.S. Ust’-Yenisei district paleogeography in the Early Cretaceous
Markevich V.S., Bugdaeva E.V. Significance of triprojectate pollen for the Upper Cretaceous and Paleocene stratigraphy of Eastern Asia
Mikadze H.E. Distribution of the Upper Cretaceous planktonic foraminifers in the Georgia
Mikerina T.B. The composition of organic matter of Cretaceous deposits in Azov-Kuban basin
Pervushov Е.М. Analysis of event formations in a structure of the Upper Cretaceous deposits of the Volga River Basin right bank
Pervushov Е.М. Architectonics of the late Cretaceous skeletal forms of Hexactinellida (Porifera)
Pinchuk T.N. Paleontological characteristics of Nizhnekhetskaya Formation
Pinchuk T.N. Paleontology of the Kuban
Platonov E. S. Stratigraphic distribution of tintinnids (Infusoria) in the Jurassic-Cretaceous boundary beds of the Eastern Crimea
Podobina V.M. Turonian biostratigraphy and foraminifers of Western Siberia
Podobina V.M., Kseneva T.G. Upper Cenomanian biostratigraphy of the northern district of Western Siberia
Popov E.V. On a status of chimaeroid species ‘Ischyodus latus Newton, 1878’ (Holocephali, Chimaeroidei) from the Cenomanian of the Volga river basin
Pronin А.P., Shestoperova L.V., Bratyсhshenko O.V. New data on Cretaceous deposits of Кurmangazy elevation (northern section of the Caspian sea)
Punina T.A., Pletnev S.P., Khudik V.D., Melnikov M.E., Zakharov Yu.D. Cretaceous scleractinians of the Magellan mountains (the Pacific ocean)
Rogov M.A., Shchepetova E.V., Pokrovsky B.G., Erschova, V.B. Zakharov V.A. Oldest records of the cretaceous glendonites in the Ryazanian of Northern Yakutia and their significance for palaeoclimatic reconstructions
Rogov M.A., Zakharov V.A. Stratigraphy of Late Jurassic - Valanginian deposits of the Laptev sea border
Savelieva J.N., Fedorova A.A., Shurekova O.V., Arkad’ev V.V. New biostratigraphic data on the Titonian-Berriasian boundary deposits of the Mountain Crimea (ostracods, foraminifers, dinocysts)
Savelieva J.N., Shurekova O.V. First data on the Hauterivian ostracodes and dinocysts from the South-West Crimea
Selkova L.A., Vetoshkina O.S. The results of palynological and isotopic researches of fossils from Hauterivian deposits of Gorodischi section (Russian platform)
Seltser V.B. Biostratigraphical potential of Baculitidae Gill, 1871 (Ammonoidea) of the Lower Volga region
Sokolova E.A. Reflection of the Turonian climatic zonation in the planktonic foraminifers of the Pacific ocean
Solovjev A.N. Some features of «Middle Cretaceous» stage in the evolution of Holasteroid and Spatangoid echinoids
Starodubtseva I.A. I.B. Auerbach`S contribution to research of the Cretaceous deposits in Moscow region
Stenshin I.M., Uspenskiy G.N. Comparative characteristics of the morphology of sculpture of subgenera Tropaeum (Tropaeum) Sowerby, 1837 and Australiceras (Proaustraliceras) Kakabadze, 1977 from Lower Aptian of Ulyanovsk region
Urman O.S., Dzyuba O.S., Shurygin B.N. Correlation of Upper Jurassic and Lower Cretaceous strata in the Russian far East and Siberia taking into account the new data from the Komsomolsk section
Fedorova А.А., Kulikova N.К., Raevskaya E.G. , Shurekova О.V., Gogin Ia.I., Savelieva Yu.N. Rudenko А.А., Buxton N. Biostratigraphic subdivision of the Lower Cretaceous sediments of the North Caspian based on micropaleontological studies
Filatova N.I. Facies change of the Senonian-Maastrichtian sequences on the Asian continental margin (Koryak-Northern Kamchatka region).
Khafaeva S.N. Lower Cretaceous foraminifera and biostratigraphy of the Luktakhskaya-4 well (Central Taimyr)
Tsukanov N.V., Palechek T.N. Cretaceous evolution of Eastern Kamchatka
Chumicheva A.A., Pestov V.V. Analysis of petrophysical models used for the interpretation of geological-geophysical materials on Cretaceous deposits of the East of Stavropol
Shchepetov S.V., Golovneva L.B. Chigandzhin flora as biostratigraphic marker of non-marine Cretaceous of North-East Asia
Yushina A.S., Ershov S.V., Popova N.I. Geological structure and the principal scheme of deposits K1b-K1a of Yamal NGO, Western Siberia
Rychkova I.V. Early Cretaceous paleogeographic conditions of sedimentation in Tymsk region of the Western Siberia

Middle Jurassic - Lower Cretaceous ammonites & aptychi
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